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                                                   ATCA Breeders' Directory

The Breeders Directory by state is a list of club members who are breeders and owners in good standing with the AustralianTerrier Club of America. Each breeder has pledged to adhere to the guidelines specified in the ATCA Code of Ethics governing the matter of adult dog and puppy sales by club members.  In addition, listed breeders have participated in our current health survey.

Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) is a reliable source of advanced Health testing. The web documented results ( helps breeder choose the best possible matches to avoid health issues. Currently the Australian Terrier Club of America supports CHIC for testing of the Eyes, Knees, and Thyroid.


For questions or comments regarding puppy sales, or to make suggestions regarding our  breeder referral service, please contact ATCA Breeder Referral



                   ATCA Breeders With Puppies or Adults Available 11/1//2015* 


Ann Ridenour (AZ)                  - 3 red  male puppies


Marge Reignier (WI)               - 2 red male puppies, 1 red female puppy, 1 blue/tan female puppy, 1 adult red female


Elaine Strid (WY)                        -1 blue/tan male puppy, 1 blue/tan female puppy, 1 red adult female



This Information was accurate at the time of posting and is subject to change. Please call or email to confirm availability.

          ATCA Breeders With Litters Expected In NOVEMBER

                  Marilyn Harban (TN)





CHIC- These breeders are CHIC participants      


The CHIC program provides accurate information about the results of a breeder's health

More information about CHIC



Legend -  (P)- Puppies available (A) Adult dogs available  (BI) Information about the Breed




CHIC 2015 Info NAME State Home Phone Email Address Kennel Name Website URL
P,BI Jeanne Popovits AZ (602) 395-1949 email Blue Moon

CHIC BI Susan Bachman CA (707) 451-8377 email Ryba  
CHIC BI Angie Cross Bly CA (530) 694-9393 email Sundog
CHIC BI Bill Christensen CA (760) 320-3922 email Christhill  
CHIC P, BI Caren Holtby Canada (250) 733-2808 email Tidewalker Aussies
CHIC P, BI Kerrie Bryan Carol Sazama  CO (303) 834-8151 email Wismiss Australian Terriers
CHIC P, A Pamela Levy CO (970) 923-4567 email Arista Kennels
CHIC P, BI R Lisa Violette MA (508) 946-1141 email Rock Village  
CHIC P, BI Kim Occhiuti MA (508) 259-4502 email Aka Inu  
CHIC P, A, BI Eileen Cummings ME (207) 395-2471 email Dirigo Australian Terriers
CHIC P, BI Sheila Dunn MI (517) 392-1691 email The Farm  
CHIC P, A, BI Mary Freeman SD (541) 701-1566 email Zantoka
CHIC P, A, BI Sandra Weigle TN (423) 344-1952 email Marble Arch Australian Terriers
CHIC P, A, BI Rita M Farmer TN (423) 842-8564 email Bluquo Australian Terriers
CHIC P, A, BI Marilyn Harban TN (423) 326-1859 email Dreamtime Australian Terriers
CHIC P, BI Grace Cartwright VA (804) 693-9343 email Firewalker
CHIC P, A, BI Julie Seaton WI (262) 617-8944 email Temora Australian Terriers
CHIC P, A, BI Elaine R Strid WY (307) 421-1999 email Red Sky
  P, BI Ann Ridenour AZ (602) 258-9642 email Cambridge  
P, A, BI Cheryl & Jim Mechalke CO (970) 535-0356 email Araluen Kennel
  P, A, BI Ann & Gayle Roache CO (719)-510-3861 email Roachan's  
  BI Anne W Mitchell FL (863) 646-0357 email    
  P, A, BI Kim Floyd FL (813) 677-7679 email Johmanda  
  P, BI R Susan Saulvester GA (770) 466-2062 email Tak-A Chance  
  P, A, BI R Gerard Walsh MA (781) 986-5584 email Pineterri  
  P, BI Nancy Goesch NE (402) 451-1948 email Feathertop Australian Terriers  
  P, A, BI Tamara Gaudet NM (550) 463-5866 email    
  P, BI Julie Kirkpatrick NM (505)-991-6748 email Double Nickel
  P. BI Alexa Samarotto NY 718-984-0939 email Samabel Aussies  
  P, BI Susan Jacobsen NY (914) 245-8679 email Amawalk  
  P, A, BI Margaret Reignier WI (920) 863-3981 email Crestwood Kennels




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