The purpose of ATCA's Australian Terrier Health is:

1. To increase public awareness of the issues and available resources relating to the health and well-being of our breed .

2. To help ATCA monitor, on a continuing basis, the state of health and average life expectancy of the Australian Terrier .

3. To be available via the web and email to as many Aussie owners as possible.

4. To encourage Aussie owners. especially those with breeding stock, to complete the health testing for their dogs. This voluntary health testing was approved in 2010 by the ATCA Board of Directors. Please go to the CHIC website and check out how easy this is to do.

VIDEO -A Genetic Overview of the Australian Terrier- Dr Jerold S. Bell- Hour 1 and Hour 2
ThisATCA Specialty 2018 Education Day Presentation was sponsored by The Australian Terrier Trust (AusTTrust).
The AusTTrust assists the Australian Terrier Club of America, in supporting our breed through Health and Education.

HEALTH ALERT : 6 Things You Should Know About Canine Influenza

Participate in Penn Vet Canine Diabetes Research.Take the survey

The Health Incident Report was developed as a feedback tool for every Aussie owner whose dog(s) may have experienced health problems, especially those owners who have lost contact with their breeder, or who may have adopted an Australian Terrier from a pet store or shelter.

If you have lost an Australian Terrier to illness or injury and would like to help others in honor of your Aussie's memory, we ask that you fill out our Longevity SurveyYour much-needed participation in this area will enable us to identify mortality issues affecting our breed and allow us to better focus our resources in such areas when allocating funds for research.  Each of the downloadable forms that appear below was designed to be filled out on the computer using MS Word and then returned by email to us as an attachment. Alternatively, for those who do not have access to Word, the forms may also be downloaded using the free Adobe Reader plug-in, then printed off and filled-in by hand.

We wish to emphasize that these questionnaires are not limited to ATCA members, but are for anyone from around the world who owns or has loved an Australian Terrier in their lifetime.

All responses given will remain STRICTLY confidential and will be utilized by the ATCA Health committee only for the purpose of identifying important breed health problems and trends.  Your identity and that of your dog will be anonymous.

Thank you for your desire to support the Australian Terrier by helping us make a difference

We try to keep these resources up to date . However, if you find that any of these resources are no longer available, please email the webmaster

Diabetes in Dogs - Presentation By Dr. Thomas K. Graves (PDF) © Copyright All rights reserved Dr. Thomas K Graves. This presentation is copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced

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