ATCA Judges Education 2018
The Judges Education Breed Presentation will be offered at the ATCA National in Ashville NC, May 2018.
The   Presentation will include a hands-on workshop
Ringside Mentoring will also be available at the National
The Breed Presentation and Ringside mentoring will be by reservation only. Please complete this form and return by May 7, 2018

Requests for a Breed Presentation at other times may be made by completing this form

Ringside Mentoring - We can usually arrange for ringside mentoring at the following events. Please complete this form.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Kerrie Bryan



The Judges' Education Presentation  

When you  view the PDF make sure that you view it in READ mode.  (Go to VIEW on the PDF  toolbar) . Then you click on the blue pop up icon in the left top corner of each page, to read the notes for that page. This is a large file so give time for it to open . (Ignore the notes re animation as these are for the animated slide show presented at the seminars) .

ATCA Letter to Judges re Tails (2014)    
ATCA Letter to Judges on Coat Color (1997) 

Judging the Australian Terrier 2014 A Guide to Examination

Judging the Australian Terrier 2015

The Standard Broken Down

  • The Front
  • The Hindquarters
  • Size, Proportion and Substance

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