The Judges' Education Presentation  

When you  view the PDF make sure that you view it in READ mode.  (Go to VIEW on the PDF  toolbar) . Then you click on the blue pop up icon in the left top corner of each page, to read the notes for that page. This is a large file so give time for it to open . (Ignore the notes re animation as these are for the animated slide show presented at the seminars) .

ATCA Letter to Judges re Tails (2014)    
ATCA Letter to Judges on Coat Color (1997) 

Judging the Australian Terrier 2014 A Guide to Examination

Judging the Australian Terrier 2015

The Standard Broken Down

  • The Front
  • The Hindquarters
  • Size, Proportion and Substance

  • Clarification of the Standard  
    This is an abbreviated version of the Illustrated Standard. The complete Illustrated Standard is available in the Aussie Store
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