An Australian Terrier Bibliography  

Some of these books are out of print, but are available from various used book sellers 

Winks – His Book,  Dorothy Cottrell, Publisher Houghton Mifflin Company,   1932


Sparky Fights Back   A Little Dog’s Big Battle Against Cancer, Josee Clerens and John

                                  Clifton,  Publisher Foley Square Books,


When Winter Comes, Nancy Van Laan, Illustrated by Susan Gaber, An Anne Schwartz

                                   Book, Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2000


My Little Dog,   Annette Smith, Rigby 1996


Perfectly Sparrow,  Theresa Goiffon, Dunham Lake 2015



Tiny, the Australian Terrier, and His Friends,   Eveline Dare, Illustrated by John Richards,    

                                   Publisher Golden Press Sydney,  Published 1970.



The Dog Who Took Me Up A Mountain, How Emme The Australian Terrier Changed My Life When I Needed It Most,

                                        Rick Crandall and Joseph Cosgriff, Publisher Health Communications, Inc., 2019

Gallipoli Dog : The  True Story of an Anzac Surgeon and his Little Mate ,  Deb Benson,

                                        Publisher, Deb  Benson 2013

Aussie Fun,   Betty Bryde  Aussie Cartoons

The Moose MCGillicutty Mystery SeriesA fun mystery series starring  Moose, a plucky Australian Terrier.

Private Eyes: A Moose McGillicutty Mystery (Moose McGillicutty Mysteries) 

Rene Fomby , Book Ness Monster Press 2017 (Book 1)


From Russia With Fur (A Moose McGillicutty Mystery) Paperback, Rene Fomby , Book Ness Monster Press  2019 (Book 2)


With Her Majesty's Secret Corgis (A Moose McGillicutty Mystery) Paperback – Rene Fomby Book Ness Monster Press (Book 3) January 2020

The Frugal Gourmet,  Jeff Smith, William Morrow 1992- 

This cookbook features illustrations of and tips from Gus, the Australian Terrier.

The Australian Terrier, The Australian Silky   Fred Wheatland ,   Hawthorn Press 1964


The Australian Terrier,  The Australian Terrier Club of NSW 1984

The Australian Terrie,  History & Origins,  Pamela McDougall Douglas,

                                   997 Pamela McDougall Douglas, Publisher

                                   K A & PD Dougall Pty Ltd,


Complete Book of Australian Dogs,  Angela Sanderson Currawong Press 1981


Dogs of Australia,   An Official Publication of the Kennel  Control Council, Victoria 1984



The Book of the Australian Terrier,  Joan L. M. Ireland Bramley Green, Hants, 1965


How to Raise and Train an Australian Terrier,   Mrs. Milton Fox, Publisher

                                     T.F.H. Publications Inc., Copyright 1973.


Australian Terrier, A Complete and Reliable Handbook,  Neil Fox, Publisher

                              T.F.H. Publications, Inc,  


The Australian Terrier,   Monty Hamilton-Wilkes, Publisher Angus and Robertson LTD,

                                     Copyright 1965 by E. M. Hamilton-Wilkes.


Australian Terrier,   Muriel P. Lee, Illustrations Patricia Peters, Publisher Kennel Club

                                      Books, Copyright 200, ISBN 1-59378-290-X


Dansk Terrier Club    Arbog 1992-

The Australian Terrier Diamond Jubilee Handbook 1933-  1993,  The Australian Terrier Club of New Britain


The Platinum Handbook  - 1933 -2003,   Australian Terrier Club of New Britain, 2003


Australsk Terrier,  40-year Jubilee Danmark 1953- 1993