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Assisting the Australian Terrier Club of America, Inc. in supporting our breed through Health and Education

The purpose of the AusTTrust is to promote the welfare of the Australian Terrier breed and is accomplished by, but not limited to, the following:

  • Support of canine medical research with an emphasis on health issues that affect Australian Terriers.

  • Promotion of education on the proper care, treatment, breeding, health, development and training of Australian Terriers

  • Foster and promotion of the public's knowledge and appreciation of dogs in general and Australian Terriers in particular

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Trench Pals

Artist - Chris Collingwood 


For Auction at the 2020 National Specialty a signed Lithograph depicting an ordinary soldier from The Great War (WWI) 

Size of artwork  - 20"L x 14”W

Lithograph   # 23/160


Artwork will be matted

A detailed description of the work will accompany the artists work.

Chris an artist from Devon, has a passion for Military history, the romance of historical drama and above all realistic fine art painting. These days he enjoys painting panoramic battle scences and the ordinary soldier through the ages. Chris strives for visual impact, light and atmosphere and is forever researching military and historical detail.


The British infantryman is wearing a standard British field uniform which is typical of what was worn during the Great War of 1916- 1917. His little buddy Chris came across in a photograph when he was creating this work and felt he would be perfect for the moment during the soldiers brief respite with his cup of tea probably tasting of petrol or oil (water was carried in gas or oil cans) and his smoke, called a 'gasper’. At the time Chris didn’t know he was painting an Australian terrier, who adds a poignant sentimental quality to the visual story. Chris has since been made aware that he painted an Australian terrier by many fanciers of the breed.


Starting Bid $300.00


All Proceeds to go to the 

Australian Terrier Trust “AusTTrust” 

Assisting the Australian Terrier Club of America Inc. in supporting our breed through Health and Education


Donated by Caren Holtby & Alan Hannebauer - Tidewalker Australian Terriers

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A Genetic Overview of the Australian Terrier- Dr Jerold S. Bell- Hour 1 and Hour 2

Above is the YouTube link for the ATCA Specialty 2018 Education Day Presentation sponsored by the AusTTrust.
The AusTTrust assists the Australian Terrier Club of America, Inc. (ATCA) in supporting our breed through Health and Education.


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You may sign up for a recurring payment of $100 annually

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Kreg Hill
PO Box 5767
Palm Springs, CA 92263-5767

Checks should be made out to Australian Terrier Trust- AusTTrust

Or you may send a check EACH year to:

Kreg Hill
PO Box 5767
Palm Springs, CA 92263-5767

Checks should be made out to Australian Terrier Trust- AusTTrust


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