ATCA Futurity
 National Specialty Shows

Understanding the Futurity

The Australian Terrier Futurity is designed to encourage & reward the breeders of Australian Terriers.
The Futurity provides a platform for breeders to showcase their young dogs & bitches produced through their breeding programs. It also allows breeders to express confidence in the quality of a particular breeding. The recognition of quality Australian Terriers is important for breeding programs to flourish.
The Futurity is a non-regular competition at the ATCA National Specialty for young dogs & bitches that recognizes & awards those Australian Terriers that most closely conform to the approved breed standard. A Futurity is almost identical to a conformation show except that no championship points are awarded to the winners & only nominated animals can compete. The competition requires a series of nominations from a breeder & payment of associated fees by the breeder and/or owner of the Get prior to the date of the Futurity.

To be eligible to enter the ATCA Futurity, the bitch, the litter and the individual puppy (age 6 months up to 24months) must be nominated, and all nomination materials as well as nomination fees must be submitted to the Futurity Chair 2 months prior to the National.  
The below forms are sent to the Futurity Chair.

You must STILL include the Futurity class on your entry form (under additional classes) whether it is by mail or on the Superintendent website. The fee for the Futurity that goes to the Superintendent is a separate fee and not part of the below forms and fees.

Futurity Nomination Forms and Instructions for 2022:

Futurity Instructions

Bitch/Litter Nomination

Puppy Nomination

Futurity Chair:  Sue Bachman, PO Box 1461, Vacaville Calif. 95696



2014     Best Dog --  Ch Ryba's Up The Anti
                                 Owner:  Sue Bachman & Teresa Schreeder
                                 Breeder:  Diane Farthing
             Best Bitch --Temora's Southern Comfort
                                 Owner:  Judy O'Brien & Julie Seaton
                                 Breer:  Julie Seaton

2015    Best Dog --  Ryba's Diamond Merchant

                                Owner:  Ryba Aussies

                                Breeder:  Ryba Aussies

            Best Bitch -- Temora redi When You Are

                                Owner:  Judy O'Brien & Julie Seaton

                                Breeder:  Julie Seaton & Zane Smith

2016     Best Dog -- Melukylan Flying Finn

                                Owner:  J. Caren Holtby

                                Breeder:  Kirsi Olsa

            Best Bitch -- Sundog Sweet N Sour

                                Owner:  Angie Cross Bly

                                Breeder:  Angie Cross Bly

2017     Best Dog -- Temora Remember Me

                                Owner:  Julie Seaton

                                Breeder:  Julie Seaton

            Best Bitch -- Blue Moon and Ryba's Anna Babanna

                                Owner:  Ryba Aussies

                                Breeder:  Jeanne Popovits

2018     Best Dog -- Samabel Luv That Augie At Marblearch

                                Owner:  Pat Zupan, Claudie C. 

                                Coleman & Alexa Samarotto

            Best Bitch -- The Farms's Spirit of Rock And Roll

                                Owner:  Nancy Tibbett

                                Breeder:  Sheila Dunn

2019     Best Dog -- Redwing Shoot The Moon

                                Owner:  Susan Duncan

                                Breeder:  Susan Duncan

            Best Bitch -- The Farm's Fire Breathing Dragonfly

                                Owner:  Susan Mason

                                Breeder:  Sheila Dunn

2021     Best Dog -- Ryba's Bussing Around Town

                                Owner:  Darlene Evans

                                Breeder:  Sue Bachman & Teresa Schreeder

            Best Bitch -- CH Redsky Kansas City Style

                                Owner:  Elaine Strid

                                Breeder:  Elaine Strid