The Aussie is naturally quite clean and requires little grooming to be a good pet or companion. Starting at an early age, the nails should be trimmed regularly and kept quite short. The coat should be kept clean and brushed at least once a week. Keep the hair short between the eyes, around the vent, on the ears, on the back of the tail, along the tops and between the pads of the feet. Teeth should be brushed regularly and the ears should be cleaned occasionally.

The Aussie should be bathed infrequently. Too frequent shampooing can soften the harsh Aussie coat and also result in dry, flaky skin. Aussies should be kept free of fleas. Many have a low tolerance to fleas, and their presence can result in mild itching and flaking to extreme allergic reaction. Aussies acquired strictly as pets seldom require additional grooming.

Need some help?
Go to the Grooming the Rear and Tail of the Aussie Video online. (More videos will are in the process of being made to help with grooming)

Also a new video for grooming pets and show dogs is available on a Flash Drive for sale to the public. It may be ordered by mail order through
The Aussie Store or by Paypal.  Go to:

Your ATCA breeder will also be able to help you with any additional grooming questions you might have.