Dear New Aussie Owner:

Congratulations on your new Australian Terrier, a great breed we treasure and hope you will, too! We would like to introduce you to and WELCOME you to the Australian Terrier Club of America!

Founded in 1958, the ATCA is proud to be the AKC Parent Club of the Australian Terrier breed. The AKC Parent Club of a breed is a Club which the AKC considers responsible for the breed in the U.S., maintaining the Standard, promoting excellence and progress. Throughout our long history, we've worked to promote the health, temperament and adherence to the breed standard of the Australian Terrier breed, while maintaining a culture of fun and family within our club. Our membership includes many Australian Terrier owners of all ages and backgrounds--pet owners, conformation, obedience, agility, rally, go to ground enthusiasts, breeders, and others who have maintained an interest in the breed over many years. Several members have a great deal of expertise in the history and development of our great breed.

At one time, we were all beginners with our first Aussie. Our club is here to help with information and assistance, when such needs arise. It is expected that all Aussie breeders will guide their puppy buyers, give advice and answer all question throughout the life of the dog if needed. In addition, the ATCA has begun a formal Mentor program to help new owners. Our Mentors are experienced dog owners and breeders who can assist in the area of responsible dog ownership, health questions and getting started in the dog fancy, such as conformation, obedience, agility, Junior Showmanship and more.

As a Welcome Gift to new Aussie Owners we would like to extend a years subscription to our on line quarterly newsletter, THE TALKABOUT.  Please complete the form below and hit SEND! You will receive your subscription by email.

We hope that you will one day want to join our Club and that you will find your membership rewarding in raising, training, showing, and just enjoying your Australian Terrier.

Again, WELCOME, and we're certainly looking forward to having you with us!

                          Grace Massey
                          ATCA Club President