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Performance and Companion

Australian Terriers can be great performance dogs. They were bred to be jacks and jills of all trades around farms,and their duties included herding livestock, killing vermin and venomous snakes. However, they were also the first terrier bred to be companions, small enough to curl up on the hearth (or bed) at night. This resulted in a fast, agile, independent working dog during the day and a companion at night. .

The Australian Terrier has grown in recognition and popularity over the years and has had its share of wins in the Breed, Group, and even Best in Show rings, but there has been notable participation although less widely known, in the companion and performance events as well. There are ten different venues in which Aussies can obtain titles: Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Earth Dog, Tracking, Coursing Ability, Agility, Barnhunt, Dock Diving, and Therapy Dog, plus the CGC program. Aussies have advanced levels titles in each of these, including Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH) and Master Agility Champions (MACH), Distinguished Therapy Dog (THDD), Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE), and Endurance Earthdog (EE).

It is noteworthy that many of our companion and performance dogs are also breed champions, and many are breeder or owner handled to their other titles. There is a bond that comes from working with your dog for hours each day, for weeks and even years to get them ready for an obedience or agility event. And many of these dog-handler teams go on to continue to compete together for years. Each of these exhibitors has some really funny training stories that they could share with you if you corner one and ask them. There is a certain challenge that comes with training an innovative terrier.



MACH  PACH  Wilgent’s Mischief Maker CDX  MXP3  MJP5  PAXB  - owner Georgette La Porte

MACH2 Tattercoats Tophat With Tail  UDX2  VER  RAE  MXC MJB2 XF - owner Barb Curtis

MACH4  Merrigang Benjamin Matlock MXC  MJB2  - owner Nancy Wentworth

MACH Tak-A Chance Cole Hamels MXB MJB XF - owner Mark McGrath

MACH2 Greyrock on the Edge CDX RE OF  - owner Barb Curtis

MACH4  Edwyre Foster the Ferocious  - owner Mark McGrath

MACH Darwin  - owner Ron & Janet Broida



CH OTCH  Atascosa Gunsmoke , UDX3, MX, MJX  - owner Pat Kadel

CH OTCH Free For All  On The Farm, UDX, TD  - owner Adele Yunck

CH OTCH Temora Keeping Stride UDX7 OGM GO GN  - owner Cindy Burgess




CH RACH Ryba’s Mytime For Serenity CDX BN RM5 RAE2 BCAT CGCA TKN   - owner Sherry Cooper



Therapy dogs are dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work together as a team to improve the lives of other people. The AKC Therapy Dog™ program awards official AKC titles to dogs who have worked to improve the lives of the people they have visited. AKC Therapy Dog titles can be earned by dogs who have been certified by AKC recognized therapy dog organizations and have performed the required number of visits.